Welcome to Orient Express Rugs -- Where the Possibilities Are Endless.

Orient Express Rugs is a leading manufacturer and importer of quality handmade Oriental rugs from every weaving center in the world.

Our rugs from India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Persia offer your customers relaxed elegance, distinctive formality, and individual expression of style and comfort.

For three generations, spanning more than 80 years, Orient Express Rugs has dealt exclusively with high-end furniture stores, premier interior designers and their firms, top-quality furniture manufacturers, and other established retailers of similar prestige around the world. We do not support transient "going out of business" operations.

Because of our longstanding relationships with expert professionals dealing directly with customers on the cutting edge of the marketplace, Orient Express Rugs delivers the most stylish, fashionable, up-to-the-minute trends in design, color, and texture in the home furnishings industry. We maintain our own design departments and weaving centers, and we are more than "ahead of the curve" -- we lead the curve.

Our rugs are hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand wool for resiliency and ease of cleaning. Our incredible selection, including one-of-a-kind Persian investment rugs, from palace sizes to scatter sizes, gives your customers decorative charisma conceived in the milieu of Old World designs and offers many exciting interpretations -- some bold and rich, others with colors as light as air.


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